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 Kyle Smith
New Favourites (Fatboy Specials)

These pickups are well-built and sound amazing. Whether clean, overdriven or heavily distorted, they are easily my favourite sounding strat pickups out of the variety that I own, which includes some from the Fender Custom Shop. These ones replaced a noiseless set and I’m very happy with the change. While they are my first set of Peg City pickups, they’re definitely not my last.

 Dave Quesnel
The Angry Widow rips!

Seeking an alternative to active pickups, I’m glad I found this locally made, very reasonably priced pickup!
Using the angry widow in the bridge for heavy rock/metal & love the tone! Crushing power chords & actually cleans up really well rolling volume down.
The black-chrome cover option I chose looks beautiful too.
This company knows their stuff!

Will P
Well rounded pickups (Angry Widows)

Replaced my EMG’s with a set of these and wish I would have only done it sooner. These pickups are hot and aggressive but also have a lot of clarity. I mainly play metal and hardcore and they are a perfect match for me in my ltd ec-1000. Would definitely recommend if you like rock and metal!


Simon T
Vintage Strat Sound (VS-61)

Great pickups with classic strat tones. Kris dropped them off for me, which might make them sound even better.
Paired a neck and mid pair with a Pearly Gates (humbucker) that was already in the bridge position. Getting some great quack and chime sounds, even when mixing with the humbucker.

Steven Tusinski
Love my new Classic 59’s

The Classic 59’s were an excellent set of pickups for my Les Paul kit build. They sound great! You get all of the tones and responsiveness you would expect from PAF. Highly recommend if you are looking to get that classic PAF sound without breaking the bank. I can't wait to start my next Pegcity pickup powered project!