Builder Pricing Available!!!

If you are a guitar builder and meet some minimum requirements Pegcity Pickups is here to help. For those builders out there either full time or part time may qualify for 25% off on our entire catalogue. 

Here is a list of requirements to qualify for builder pricing: 

1) Have a company name or something people recognize as your brand.

2) Have a company media site such as a web domain, Instagram, Facebook or other social media or online presence used to advertise your products that we can quickly review.

3) Builders will be requested to use the site to choose the pickups they want or choose to custom voice their pickups with me through email. All builder orders are placed through email. Once place the order will be built as per request and all discounts applied. An invoice is sent for review before building begins.

4) Build a minimum of 3 guitars per year

Thats about it, Keeping it simple.

Builders please email me for more information. Please include links to either your website or social media account for verification. Once verified you will receive another email on how the pricing, ordering, invoicing, etc..

I look forward to working together with you to bring beautifully built guitars that have a unique voice to along with its one of kind look and feel to as many guitar players as possible.