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Pegcity Pickups
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Named for their Manitoba roots, designed to bring back that vintage tone of the early days with a bit of modern thinking. The use of A5 magnets for E,A,D strings and A2 in the G,B,E strings gives a smooth tonal balance across the whole guitar allowing the bass strings to sound clearer and more open while giving the treble strings a smoother high frequency response. The overall tone is very clear and dynamic giving players a lot of flexibility with their play style. The response to pick attack and use of the volume knob is dialled in beautifully. Many players suggest they have the old “fendery” tone. 

A fantastic choice for Blues, Rock, and Country rock. The slightly exaggerated midrange adds some serious punch.


42 awg polyurethane coated wire  

Output: Neck 7.6k, Bridge 8.1k 

vintage cloth pushback leads

Alnico 5 and 2 magnets for supreme tonal blend

Wax potted for squeal free operation  

RWRP for hum canceling 


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kenneth Pasher

Pairs very well with the peg city p90 already in my tele’s neck. This is now my number one guitar for gigging and session work, the bridge pickup can go from vintage rock to country to indie on a dime!

Vaclav Stark
Great pickups

The TC-204 pickups are a higher output and have a real nice edge to them. A bright sound that cuts through with clarity. Both pickups are equally matched and give a balanced middle position. Outstanding work Kris!!!

TC-204 Telecaster Pickups

A bit darker compared to the stock American Pro II pickups, but in a good way. More output volume as well. I dig it!

Troy Giesbrecht

We chose PegCity to be our exclusive pickup supplier because we want to offer our customers the best. Kris hit's it out of the park every time, period. He works directly with us, is full of great insight and advice, has fantastic attention to detail and a discerning ear. You really get something extra special in every custom spec'd, hand-wound PegCity pickup, and that's pretty cool. Why would you do anything else? Seriously. And Canadian as well. Thanks Kris! You're the best.

Marcel LeBlanc
Super look and sound

I told Kris I wanted the pickups for a blacked-out tele, boy did he deliver; I received the pickups and they exceeded my expectations by far.
The blacked-out look he gave the pickups go so well with my tele, and the sound they make is amazing!
The use of different type of magnets really makes a difference in the sound, and I love it.
Do not hesitate to communicate your usage and your needs with Kriss, he will customize your order to your wishes and direct you to the available existing and potential options. He gives excellent customer service.
My only regret is that the neck pickup cover chipped on a top corner, while putting it in the pickguard (care was used) and that is why I removed one star (It will cost me 40$ to repair it with the same paint he used).