Texas Triple Stack (Single coil)

Texas Triple Stack (Single coil)

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Texas Triple Stack calibrated single coil set. This Texas blues inspired pickup is wound with 42awg wire to give big sound with clear dynamics, aggressive punch and sustain. They perform easily in any situation without hesitation, perfectly calibrated to sound amazing together. The lower midrange is slightly exaggerated giving a warm sound that pushes the amp harder but can still clean up nicely when you need it. The bridge pickup has a steel plate to fatten the tone and give it more punch.


Neck output: 7.0k

Middle output: 6.8k

Bridge output: 7.4k

RWRP middle pickup for hum canceling 

Wax potted for squeal free operation. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Glenn Drodge
TC-204 and Texas Triple Stack

Put this combo in my FrankenTele with 4 way pickup switch. Kickass sound. Well balanced tone when using both pickups. Very smooth bridge pickup without the brittle highs liquifying your ear drums. With pickups set to series via the 4 way switch, it makes for a great grungy lead sound. Highly recommend PegCity Puckups. Kris is very knowledgeable and very helpful. You can't go wrong with PegCity.


Steve Baric

Note from my client, Gary:

"So those Pegcity Texas triples are fan-fn-tastic!! I love them. Steve upgraded my Strat with them and I picked it up today. Haven’t been able to put it down since. Lol. Thanks Woods & Strings (Steve Baric) and Pegcity Pickups for making my baby sounds so damn sweet!!! You guys rock!"

Texas Triple Stack = amazing

Absolutely awesome pickups (for me). Was not happy with my Eric Johnson Custom set from Fender (felt under powered and dull), replaced them with the Texas Triple Stack and am very happy. A little more oomph and a lot more sparkle. Will be getting more Pegcity Pickups.

Rob Ruttan

I love the clarity of the sound...each string rings out, and the pickups give a clear, well defined sound. If it were a wine review, I'd say earthy undertones, well balanced flavour, a hint of smoky barroom and a finish like church bells on a winter's morn.

Ryan Forbes
Easily up there with Custom Shop

I’ve had the Middle Texas Triple Strat pup installed into my Tele for about a month now, and I continue to be impressed with Kris’ excellent work! Its tone easily compares with Fender’s Custom Shop pups, and Kris’ service and communication in helping me narrow down which one would fit best in my rig AND reversing my neck pup’s polarity for free, was stellar. Five stars for sure and I’ll definitely be buying more in the future! Highly recommend!