Are all of your pickups made by hand? Yes, All pickups are made by hand. Magnets are pressed into flatwork or bobbins, the winding of each coil is hand guided while bobbins are spun on a winding machine. All other components are put together to create the final product.

Where do you currently ship your pickups? Currently shipping is available across Canada and the United States.

How long will I wait for my new pickups? Currently there is a minimum 1 week lead time for all orders. Some may take additional time if material needs to be procured. The current climate with covid and other factors has caused some delays in manufacturing and delivery.

Can I return my pickups if necessary? Yes. We do have a return policy, please review it before finalizing your order. 

Can I order my pickups to custom specs of my choosing? Yes in fact I encourage your involvement in the build if you have a particular tone or style you are looking for. I want your new pickups to bring you years of joy and expression when you play.

Do you build vintage pickups? I do my best to only use period correct materials and build techniques to achieve a vintage voicing with some of our sets such as the Pegcity Classic 59's, VS-61 Strat etc.

Do you offer delivery or pickup? Yes local clients in and surrounding areas of Winnipeg will qualify for free delivery or pickup. Curb side during COVID 19 restrictions. C.O.D is also available for local clients in this category.

Do you install my new pickups in my guitar? Sorry no, I do not offer that service. I highly recommend Bruce Jacobs at Quest Musique. Bruce is the best guitar tech i know.

Do you wax pot your pickups? All of my modern pickup builds will be wax potted. Any of the vintage voiced builds will be potted if they were back in the era that I am trying to reproduce. Some like the Classic 59's P.A.F style were not wax potted in the original years so I do not wax pot them to retain that vintage voicing and build spec.

Why should I buy your pickups? Nothing obligates you to buy my pickups. However my goal is to provide you with an amazing experience in your search for great guitar tone. I want your pickups and your experience here to bring everlasting joy and expression when you play. Just knowing that I will do my very best to deliver this for you is why you should consider buying my pickups.

Do you offer any warranty on your pickups? Yes we absolutely back our products. Our pickups are built with absolute care and control, we are confident they will last you a lifetime. However if at anytime your pickups stop working please contact us immediately. We will work with you to either repair or replace your pickups. This warranty is essentially for the life of the pickups or as long as Pegcity Pickups remains in business. Which we intend to do for as long as possible.

 What does "Scatter Wound" really mean?  Scatter wound is a term used to describe a winding technique that causes the wire in the bobbin to be wound such that there is little to no uniformity. The wire sort of lays in at random each turn and not side by side layer by layer in an almost perfect fashion. Scatter can be dramatic or subtle depending on the winders choice. However there needs to be a balance in order to create great tone. As with anything too much or too little can yield a bad result. Practice makes perfect.