Pegcity 66'ers
Pegcity 66'ers
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Pegcity 66'ers

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Pegcity 66'ers humbucker are truly traditional voiced mid 60's rock monsters. In those days the humbuckers were taking the music world by storm and as a result the pickups were being built with better quality and consistency. That vintage vibe and tone is what we have been able to bring back to life. With the use period correct materials (Vintage build only) such as Butyrate bobbins, long leg nickel silver baseplate, plain enamel wire etc.. We calibrate the 2 to balance them beautifully when used together. Portal back to the foundation that helped shape Rock and Roll with a set of Vintage or modern 66'ers humbuckers!

The Pegcity 66'ers Vintage build use the long leg humbucker bases and may not fit all guitar body styles   

Vintage: 49.2mm both pickups, period correct material, long leg base plate. 

Modern Bridge 52mm Neck 50mm, short leg base plate. Better suited to most guitar body styles and string spacing. 


Wound with 42awg Plain Enamel wire

Output: Neck 7.8-8.0k, Bridge 8.6-8.8k

Magnet: Alnico 5

Wax potting is not done to these pickups. Screws and springs supplied with pickups.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Harvey Briggs
Excellent pickups

Great sounding pickups, really enjoying them.

Paul Gratzer
Pegcity 66’ers fit the bill

I have a guitar I loved the neck and feel of the guitar, but was thinking about selling it as the pickups that came with it were, well, let’s just say lacking in tone, output and response to picking. Pretty much sucked!

I put the 66’s in and transformed the guitar into a beast! I am talking about getting exactly what I was looking for and more. When clean —nice rich clear on the neck and in the bridge, chimey and clean. Great for blues even jazz.

Now add some overdrive and you have great classic rock tone with individual string clarity still there and evident without muddiness. Through a VOX AC30, the bridge gives some nice chimey chords. Also, roll back the volume and they respond gradually and you can clean up things easily. You can also hear the articulation of picking technique and reaction to soft versus harder attack—even when playing clean.

Now, I didn’t expect this, but throw in some high gain from a Revv red channel or Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier and smooth distortion with the ability to still hear single note picking amongst a chord and ability to roll back the volume to clean it up a bit.

The sustain on single note solos from clean to heavy distortion is also great!

All in all these pickups are excellent and surpassed my hopes for rescuing this guitar from the local buy and sell listings.

Thanks again and I will definitely use your pickups in the future and recommend them to my fellow guitar players.

Keith Esplen
Supersonic custom build

Start to finish I am impressed with the communication and service. Exactly what I was looking for! Many thanks!

Maurice Lavergne
Great hand made pickups

As a builder I have used several big name boutique pickups and have to say that Kris makes a pickup that rivals any of them. These 66er’s went into a custom build and sound absolutely amazing. They accomplished exactly what I was looking for, that great Jimmy Page sound. Great Company and top rated customer service.

very impressive

Loved what they did to my guitar. Put them on a ephiphone les paul custom, with a push pull coil tap on the bridge. Was a jimmy page kit. As much as i love my strat this little gem kinda blows my mind. Pickups are so quite, clean and responsive. Txs again. Happy customer.