Pickup spec sheet

   Pegcity Pickups        


             Pegcity Pickups would like to thank you for your purchase of a custom set of pickups for your guitar. Below is a brief explanation of your pickups build and specs. Final readings are taken after the build is completed including wax potting.

Pickup Build:_________________________________

Magnet type:_________________________________

Coil wire:_____________________________________

Cover material:_______________________________

Base plate material:___________________________

Wax Potting:_________________________________


DC resistance (Output): kohm


Inductance: Henries


Capacitance: Micro Farads



Pickup Builder:_______________________________

Date finished:________________________________



          With these pickups you have taken a step into a whole new world of guitar tone. I hope our pickups bring you years of joy, love and expression with your music. I am very pleased to help you:

“Find Your Tone”