Services and Information

Hand wound Pickups: All of our pickups are built and hand wound one at a time. The use of premium components made in North America and as many locally sourced products is also very important to me, so I can deliver the best possible product to you. The bobbins of each pickup is attached to a winding machine, the coil wire is hand guided onto the bobbins as it spins. The overall shape of the coil and the way the wire is wrapped (uniform or scattered) has a profound effect on the tone of the pickup. When using hand guided techniques it is not likely to build a uniform coil. The scattered form will ultimately be the result every time. This will give each and every coil or pickup it's own voice and dynamics. 

Upgrading: Many of us do not own the big name models like Gibson and Fender etc. A good number of us own what they call the "budget models". The vast majority of those "budget models" are very good instruments. I play Epiphone personally and love them all. Here's the rub, Those manufacturers save a lot of money when it comes to the pickups that they build or purchase for their guitars. The instruments on the other hand are usually quite well made and play beautifully. Upgrading the pickups in a budget model will really bring it to life and surprise you how much different and better it sounds.

Rewinds/Repairs: If you have pickups that are not working but worth keeping, or restoring, such as original P.A.F by Gibson or older fender single coils etc.. I can help with most any pickup repairs. Generally when an older pickup stops working the culprit is a short in the coil or a lead wire detached. Repairs can be performed quickly on most occasions and pickups, getting you back in action in no time. Please be aware that many of the older pickups, especially humbuckers were machine guided wound. Hand guided winding will deliver a more open and clear tone which might be slightly different from it's original sound.

Custom built pickups: All of the pickups offered can be custom built. If you have specific needs or wants in regards to your pickups email me with information or questions. Custom built pickups are fun to do and I encourage client involvement when customizing a build, it really adds to the unique voice that will be produced by the pickups.

Understanding our builds: all single coil sets will have an RWRP sequence as part of the build. This will provide hum canceling effect when pickups are used in combination. 

All of our humbuckers are built with magnetic south polarity on the adjustable screw side of the pickups.

The telecaster, Jaguar, P90 and humbucker sized P90 sets are built South up at the bridge with a counter clockwise coil, North up at the neck with a clockwise coil. 

Stratocaster sets are South up counterclockwise coil in bridge and neck position, North up clockwise coil in the middle for hum canceling.