About Pegcity Pickups

Located in Winnipeg! 

At Pegcity Pickups we hand build and custom wind guitar pickups. Our goal is to build great pickups that will bring you and your guitar years of joy and expression in your music. Being a guitar player for many years and searching for great guitar tone myself, I have been lucky to find that sound that instantly makes my hands and heart culminate as one to create amazing music that makes me feel awesome. This is what I strive to provide to you with our pickups. We like to work with clients to build custom builds for their guitars if they choose to. This gives you an opportunity to be part of the process. We take great pride in our work and have unrivalled passion when it comes to guitar tone. All our pickups are built from the highest quality materials produced in North America. "Find Your Tone" at Pegcity Pickups.

Guitar tone is my passion, seeing and hearing players that are truly enjoying the instrument is what inspires the voicing of our pickups. 

For information please feel free to reach out via email. kris@pegcitypickups.com. 
Allow for at least 24 hours prior to getting a response as times are very busy. But I will get to you! Cheers!