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In collaboration with a really kickass client and awesome guitar player Rob Bergman, we bring you the SuperClutch humbucker set. Rob set out to achieve a real versatile, dynamic and all around tone monster! No matter how you drive this pickup it preforms beautifully all the time! The bridge is voiced to Rob's hard rock style of play, delivering powerful punchy tone with a thick but not over the top midrange, lyrical and dynamic with so much range of tone it will make your head spin! The neck voicing is calibrated perfectly with the bridge pickup, but also delivers an angelic, smooth and beautiful tone of its own to further expand the tonal range you have to work with. Both of the pickups in this set respond amazingly to any players style. Roll off the volume and they clean up beautifully, almost magically even. Don't hesitate this set will rock your world!!!

The standard bridge pickup in the set has an evil cousin  that can be swapped in to achieve slightly thicker, creamier tone for those looking to fatten up the bridge pickup just a bit more without sacrificing dynamics and clarity. The higher output adds some much needed mid frequencies to the scooped alnico 2 sound for a full smooth and classic sound. Choose The Alnico 2 Hot Mod in the options above to make the switch. 

Ok so here’s the rub. This is  the third name applied to this pickup set. The first name Supernauts sadly was taken so we had to change. The quick response was Supernova. But we didn’t think that truly fit the voice. Rob and I spoke more and settled on SuperClutch. Same amazing pickup just a slightly different name. Thanks for understanding and Enjoy!!!!

Wound with 43 awg polyurethane coated wire in the bridge, 42 awg heavy formvar wire in the neck

Output: Neck 8.0k Bridge 13.5k A2 Hot Mod Bridge 15.4k 

Magnet: Alnico 5, Alnico 2 in the Hot Mod

Spacing Available in G and F spacing bridge.

Wired with 4c wiring to provide coil splitting options if desired.

Wax potted for squeal free operation.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kevin Watson
I honestly don’t know what to say

I seriously can’t explain how elated I am with these pickups!! I finally got my build done and I can attest to everyone else’s positive experiences below. That being said, I’d also like to add: %#^ wow $@/%.

Ya….. they’re that good. Kris you are a genius.

The Best Humbuckers I've Ever Played

I had the unique honour and privilege of finally testing out the Supernova humbuckers from Pegcity Pickups. I was fully expecting a really good pickup. Kris Remillard's reputation as a boutique builder and hand crafter of pickups is growing by leaps and bounds online, and the reviews and playthroughs I've seen so far were, as I said, really good.

What I wasn't expecting was this. Plugging into some higher-end Neural DSP amp sims, they're beyond "really good." The cleans are pristine and rich. The single coil tones (with coil splitting) are snappy and bright without being obnoxious. The high-gain metal tones are outrageous, and actually need some tone control to rein them in.

But here. HERE is something next level...the lead tones. Full and rich across the dynamic spectrum. Incredibly subtle, but totally clear on every single note. Unbelievable sustain. These pickups make this goddess guitar absolutely sing.
This is, hands down, the most responsive and vocal humbucker I've ever played. They're so good, I only want them to be the voice of this guitar (which, incidentally, is my new favourite anyway...more on that later). I'm ecstatic to recommend Pegcity Pickups to anyone wanting to chase a unique and otherworldly tone. It's just THAT good, I can't see myself even considering another aftermarket pickup brand


I’m not really sure what to say, other than I am floored by these pickups.
I installed the standard Alnico 5 set of Supernovas in my LTD mh-1000, and I haven’t put it down since.
Very balanced, open, and clear, with a tight bottom end and just the right amount of top end bite.
Extremely versatile pickups, from blues to metal no problem.
For riffs you get a ballsy midrange growl, and they chug no problem. Bottom end is nice and chunky, but not boomy at all.
For chords you get crystal clear note separation, everything is defined and rings out wonderfully.
For lead work you get that midrange coming through again, so vocal and dynamic, it just sings.
And the neck pickup might have the prettiest cleans I’ve ever heard, honestly.
I couldn’t be happier with this set, I’ll likely be ordering another for a different guitar!
Dealing with Kris was awesome, he knows his stuff that’s for sure, and communicating with him was helpful and painless.
If I could give more than 5 stars I would.

Mike G Girardin
Great new sound for my Les Paul

I love the feel and playability of my Les Paul Standard, but was not loving the Burstbuckers that were in it. I had heard of Peg City Pickups on the REVV YouTube channel and thought I’d give them a try. I reached out to Kris who was super helpful and suggested the Supernauts for my needs (mostly blues/rock). They are fantastic. Brought the life to my LP that I had hoped for. Not overly bright or brittle, and nicely articulate. Also a fantastic low end. Highly recommended.

Rob Bergman
Had to buy more!

These pickups are insanely great! Please see the above comment for more details. It turns a Les Paul into a huge sounding riff machine. Beautiful pickups